In her paint studio

These are some of my favorite photos from a very special shoot I did with Gia Hendrix in her paint studio. Gia is a self taught painter based in Philadelphia. Her works are reactions to past personal events and unprocessed trauma.

Upon entering her studio, Gia admitted that she didn’t let a ton of people into her private creative space. She was kind enough to let me get up close and personal when documenting her space, which to me, felt as though she had given me complete access to her heart and to her mind. Gia’s presence is felt in each photo, even when she is out of frame. 

She explained that at times, she may be very still and meditative, while at other times, she finds herself buzzing around the studio working on several pieces at once. This inspired me to capture Gia both at her stillest moments and at her most active. 

It was an honor to be in her space and to document her at work. I thank Gia for being vulnerable with me and for trusting me. 


…you were really able to capture what I feel I truly emulate. Thank you.”