Hey There!

I'm Julieanne:

Creator of Pine and Fable + the eye behind your imagery.

I’m a Philadelphia-based brand and portrait photographer, with a love for beautiful and calming aesthetics.

My shooting style is natural, soft, earthy, and feminine. I enjoy working with self-care brands, jewelry and fashion brands, creatives, and women-owned businesses. I genuinely love what I do and feel so grateful that my work connects me with such motivated, talented, and passionate people.

My Background

I always knew I wanted to do something creative.

I discovered the art of photography when I was 13 years old and have been in love ever since. I attended the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I received my BFA in Photography. Focusing heavily on art therapy, I discovered my passion for making genuine connections while collaborating with other artists and creatives.

Immediately after my time at UArts, I moved to New York, where I took my first step into the photography industry. At the time, I quickly learned that the industry could be unbearably sexist, competitive, and at times, presented a very “holier than thou” attitude. Admittedly, there was a moment when I wasn’t even sure that the photography world was for me.

A few snapshots from my time at UArts, where I discovered my love for working with other creatives.

So happy to be back in the place I love, returning to what I truly love about photography.

After spending a few years learning the business in New York and working as an assistant photographer, I decided to move back to Philadelphia, where I could get a fresh start and figure out what my next move was going to be.

I wanted to find a way to work with wonderful, warm, and passionate people again.

I wanted to feel empowered while empowering others. I wanted to work with my clients, not against them. And I wanted to create beautiful, professional imagery, and have genuine fun while doing it.

That was when I discovered the concept of “brand photography” and started my very own business.

I began building Pine and Fable in 2017, while living in a small shared apartment on the corner of Pine Street.

(Yes, that’s where the “Pine” comes from!)

“Pine” represents growth and resilience while “Fable” represents story telling. I truly love working with my clients, helping them grow strong, beautiful brands, while telling their personal stories.

I shoot most of my content in my very own studio space, which is filled with props, inspiration and an endless supply of pampas grass! I love working with soft, natural light and earthy color palettes. I like my images to feel natural, soft, and beautiful, and to invoke a calming presence. 

I’d love to work together!

I’m always getting new props for the studio
(bonus… they second as home decor, too!)