I'm Julieanne

Creator of Pine and Fable + the eye behind your imagery.

I’m a brand and portrait photographer based in Hudson Valley, New York.  I have a love for vintage finds, calming aesthetics, and artful collaborations.

I’ve been working professionally in the industry for the past 10 years, and I  feel so grateful that my work connects me with such motivated, talented, and passionate people.

Being a brand photographer is about much more than just taking beautiful photos. It’s about nurturing the creative community while sharing a truly special experience with my clients.



My first job interview after college was for an intern position with an established fashion photographer in the city. I can still remember entering the room and immediately feeling his cold and judgmental energy. He looked me up and down and told me he didn’t like the idea of hiring a female because he “wouldn’t want someone to break a nail on set”.

It broke my heart, but it also didn’t surprise me. I knew there were parts of the industry that didn’t sit well with me, and this experience only fueled my desire to find a niche that was warm and welcoming to all, while allowing opportunities for women to be taken seriously in their professional endeavors.

After dabbling in wedding and family photography, I eventually fell into brand photography, and I knew that was it for me. 

the client experience

My goal is to provide my clients with artful, high-end imagery – but in a warm and welcoming environment that promotes comfort and creativity, while celebrating individuality. This is why I’ve created a space that feels just as cozy and intimate as your very own living room.

Working with a limited number of clients per month, I’m able to take the time to get to know you, your brand, and your vision. From creative direction, to hosting, to shooting your dream images – I’m here to guide you the entire way through.

Come relax, enjoy and create with me!