Therapy for Women

Modern and Relatable Therapy 

It has been such an honor working with this group of brilliant and passionate women. Amanda White has truly created a safe and beautiful space for women to share, grow, and connect in Philadelphia. 

Amanda has organized a team of compassionate therapists that specialize in many areas such as anxiety and depression, trauma, LGBTQ, bicultural identities, body image, ADHD, and more.

The goal for this shoot was to capture the warm and welcoming environment in the center, as well as take headshots for each woman working at the center. 

The images from this session are used both on social media and on the Therapy For Women Center’s website to promote their services.

As the practice continues to grow, I am so excited to meet and photograph each therapist that joins Amanda’s team.

I love working with Julieanne...

Not only is she a wonderful photographer, but she makes the process so easy and fun! Julieanne’s comfort and ability to make you laugh truly makes the pictures so much more natural.”

-Amanda | Founder & Director of Therapy for Women Center