Bona Dea Naturals

The original all-natural feminine spray

Bona Dea is a small woman-owned business that  works to support women’s health through natural solutions. It was created by Jessica Rich, out of a personal quest to find a natural and effective treatment option for feminine issues.

The goal of this shoot was to promote self love, self care, body positivity, and women’s health. The images  were used for  social media, their website, and to go along with Jessica’s various blog posts.

Having worked with Jessica before, she left a lot of the creative decisions up to me, leaving tons of room for creativity. She made it clear that she wanted to focus more on empowering women and less on “commercial” imagery.

I scheduled individual sessions with each model, assuring that they each had a private space to feel safe and comfortable in. I encouraged them to take up space, celebrate their bodies, and to move freely in a way that felt good for them. 

Working on this project was extremely cathartic for me. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the female body and everything it endures.  

After being in the trenches for the last four years…

….figuring out sales tax and making freight orders and late nights hand-labeling bottles, paying someone to actually create professional product photography feels like a luxury. And I think they look fabulous! Thanks to Julieanne for the awesome photos!””

 -Jessica | Founder of Bona Dea Naturals